Welcome to Flirting in Traffic, we're happy you're here! We've added ourselves as your first friend to help get you started on the Flyrt network. We're much more than traffic so don't forget to check out our 5 other communities located at :) 

Check back often for more modules and upgrades that occur here constantly. 

We just added the brand new Flirt Locator module which will allow users to see each other's locations on a map, paving the way for fun traffic jams! 

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Shoutbox Module Added!

Flirting in Traffic members will now see a Shoutbox section on the main homepage above their news feed next time they login. This module has been added today to be able to enhance communications on the site and to help break the ice for new members to be involved in a public chat!

We're doing everything we can to make this the best new community on the internet and you can help by getting involved in conversations and by telling everyone you know to create an account today on! :)


6214 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Laugh of the Day

We used to do this when we were kids, with an empty shopping cart. 

Clearly the younger generations take things to next levels, here's one of em...

6212 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Road Flirting

We posted this before but its buried in our old posts so for anyone new looking for a quick laugh, here's Rat Race - Road Flirting. :)


6212 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Welcome to Flirting in Traffic, we're happy you're here and we hope you'll keep coming back to help us change how the world views traffic! It doesn't have to be the miserable experience that it is. We can all communicate with everyone around us now, right here, just use the Flirt Locator to find someone around you to chat with. :)

This is our first year back online since 2008 and we have well over a million page hits since we began, only we need a lot more members and we need your help to get word out about Flirting in Traffic. Please tell everyone you know and please start posting things with to see if we can get a hashtag trend going! 

Thank you for checking us out and we hope to see you on the highways!! :)

Drone Delivers Refreshments at Golf Course

Flirting in Traffic is trying to change traffic, and King’s Walk Golf Course in North Dakota is trying to change golf. 

For a $3 delivery fee, members can use an app to place a refreshment order, take their shot, and then wait for their goodies to fly in. 

Click Below for the Article and Video

6212 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Flirting in Traffic is now on Instagram

We finally got around to creating an Instagram account for Flirting in Traffic to help get word out about our reboot.

Follow us on Instagram at @flirtingintraffic and suggest us to all your friends! :)

6214 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

The Rise of Power Flirting

The Power Flirt is genuinely charming, which is why she has so many friends and even more often gets the results she's after.

Read More Below

6212 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Flirting in Traffic - ABC News 6 Philadelphia - March, 2006

"Places" Module Added Today!

Flirting in Traffic 2.0 is Still Constantly Moving Forward! 

Because of this, you can now add your favorite places and any other worthwhile locations you'd like to share with other Flirting in Traffic members. Upload photos of your favorite places using the new Places module.

To add a favorite place, click the plus (+) (Add...) icon in the top right corner, then select Place. This is also how you add all other content to Flirting in Traffic so feel free to add anything you'd like to share with everyone. 

Thank you for checking us out! :)

6212 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Mahoning Drive-In

635 Seneca Road 

Lehighton, PA 18235

Phone #: (610) 683-7243

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