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11389 South Military Trail, Boynton Beach, FL, United States
11385 South Military Trail, Boynton Beach, FL, United States

Purple Rain

This has over 54 million plays for a reason. 

Adam Levine Performs "Purple Rain" At The Howard Stern Birthday Bash on SiriusXM


6212 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Traffic Jam Puzzle Game

The concept of traffic-themed puzzles like Rush Hour is to slide cars around on a grid in straight lines until you can successfully get the target vehicle to leave through the exit. You can’t lift the cars off the grid, and there’s usually only one solution.

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6212 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Pilot Merges Into Traffic Better Than You Do in a Car

Check out this video of a pilot making an emergency landing and pulling a flying metal deathtrap in front of the speeding metal deathtraps. If you're feeling bad about your merging skills right now, that's only because you should.

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6212 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

One of the Coolest Driving Demos Ever

Imagine driving at insane speeds on a track with protected barriers – trying to beat the top 'score' with a BMW M5 around a track. It’s what you might call the best video game ever. And this is where things get interesting. Could this be a launchpad for even more entertainment – remote controls for monster trucks, boats, trucks, forklifts, and anything else that could become a driverless vehicle with all of the technology we can muster?

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6212 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Flirting Habits in the Gym

Men are much more open to flirting in the gym than women. 88% of men said they like or don’t mind flirting in the gym compared to 76% of women answering this way.

Participants, aged 18 to 70, were asked whether they have flirted or been flirted with in the gym, as well as their general opinion on it, with the results proving an overwhelming 85% of people were cool with receiving romantic attention at the gym!

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6212 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Are You a Micro-Cheat?

Could you be cheating on your partner without knowing it? The internet thinks so.

The internet is awash with warnings about a new way to be unfaithful without even knowing it. Called “micro-cheating”, it is infidelity for the digital age, meaning it does not involve the exchange of bodily fluids, knowing glances, or any form of physical contact.

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6212 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Driverless Police Cars

Ford’s vision for driverless police cars offer zero chance to flirt your way out of a ticket.

The car’s AI would even learn the most advantageous spots in which to hide to catch speeding drivers — just like the real cops do. Only autonomous cars don’t need to break for coffee and paninis.

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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best New Year's Eve 2019 & They're Leading The Countdown


Aside from the fact that you're totally ready to ring in the new year, you're also on a whole new level, in regards to your self confidence. You know who you are, and you're ready for your big debut, Cancer. The sun is energizing your partnership zone, and the moon is lighting up your expressive fifth house of romance, creativity, and individual light. Hello, powerhouse Cancer. Is that you? Oh, yes, and just wait 'til the clock strikes midnight.

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The Art Of Sexy Holiday Flirting

The Holidays are a perfect time for sexy flirting. Whether single or partnered, you can have fun getting on Santa’s ‘naughty’ list by performing the very effective art of sexy flirting.

Men love flirty gestures. They feel admired and get the validation they need to approach you. Don’t think that flirting is just for the singles, though. It adds so much excitement and pleasure for partners, as well.

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6212 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

A Guide To Holiday Party Flirting For Beginners

Go On, Get Your Flirt On!

Tis the season to stop being so shy around your office crush. The holiday season is the perfect time to break out your flirt. ESSENCE Relationships Editor Charreah K. Jackson tells you how.

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6216 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States
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