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Welcome to the Flirting in Traffic 2018 Reboot!! :)

I'm Ben and I'm here to be one of your first friends. You can unfriend me if you don't like me but I'm here to be your guide and help moderate the community to try and make it into the best new site on the internet. Please let me know if there's anything I can assist you with but most of all, thank you for checking us out!! :)

Please tell all your friends about Flirting in Traffic and try to use in your social media posts to help us spread the word of our existence. 

Also, don't forget to check out our brand new Flirt Locator where we expect to change the way people view traffic jams. Now you can find someone around you to communicate with in real-time right from your mobile device! 

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How to Flirt on Public Transportation

"If you want to meet someone, you don't have the luxury of being shy!"

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Our First 2018 Flirting in Traffic Press Release 

Flyrt, LLC announces release of new social media network led by the return of Flirting in Traffic, a 2006 era sensation that is currently being rebooted. gives users a new way to easily meet others in their immediate vicinity by linking a real-life ID element to their online profiles on their network of social communities.

Philadelphia, PA April 25, 2018 - Flyrt, LLC, a localized social media start-up, announces the release of the new social network, which contains links to their 8-site network of social communities targeting all walks of life and even includes traffic and dogs.

Benjamin Philips, Founder and President of Flyrt, LLC, said "Flirting is part of life. Most everyone flirts throughout their everyday lives, and we're providing a means to follow up on those innocent flirts on our network of sites." Philips came up with the idea for over 10 years ago while he was working on a similar venture called Flirting in Traffic, but the timing was not right for release until now.

Each site links a real-life ID element to their profile (a bumper sticker, an ID tag, a wrist band, a key chain, etc). Each element is printed with a unique ID that links to user profiles, and by displaying the ID element as an accessory on their person or property, users are now searchable and can securely meet people in real-time, in real-life, and online. Philips states, "You already know what the person looks like because you've seen them in real life already. Their online photo provides additional recall. It is for all people who want to meet other people after they've made contact somewhere in everyday life."

Flirting in Traffic has already exceeded 100,000 page hits in April 2018 and is paving the way for the entire Flyrt network to grow and become one of the top social communities in the market. allows for Dogs to flirt along with their owners and users can create dog and human profiles. Frampus and Flirting on Campus are mainly for college students to be able to meet and make friends easier. Neighborly Friends is mainly for luxury apartment residents to be able to meet and get to know other residents where it is difficult to make actual contact. "Our target is to have at least 1000 members on each of the sites in our network by Labor Day 2018, but we don’t want to stop there," said Philips. "Flyrt's network is constantly evolving so register now and check back often."

In celebration of their official launch, Flyrt is an official sponsor of the 2018 Dad Vail Regatta and will be giving out free Flirting in Traffic stickers, and will have FlirtDog tennis ball dog toys and various unique Flyrt merchandise at the regatta in Philadelphia, PA on Friday & Saturday May 11 & 12; Dad Vail Regatta; 4 Boathouse Row; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130


4623 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States
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Look for the Flirting in Traffic road signs, coming soon to a highway near you!! :)

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Welcome to the 2018 Flirting in Traffic reboot! 

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