Surf City Blitz & Moto Beach Classic

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Surf City Blitz & Moto Beach Classic
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21601 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA, United States

Flirting in Traffic at Surf City Blitz & Moto Beach Classic

This October, Flyrt will be taking Flirting in Traffic cross country, doing coast-to-coast marketing, advertising, promoting and of course traffic flirting, in order to expand our community across the United States. 

From October 24th thru November 3rd, our Flyrt Mustang will be touring approximately 20 states and doing some advertising in each state, while focusing on the weekend of October 27 & 28 in Huntington Beach, CA at the Moto Beach Classic & Surf City Blitz where we expect to be marketing heavily. Come join us and get some free merchandise... Just look for the bright blue Mustang with Flyrt written all over it! :)

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