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Flirting in Traffic on CNN

It all happened too fast back then, going from nothing to national headlines using terrible software and having no plan whatsoever. Well now we have a plan, some really cool software, a network of social communities, guts and determination. There will be no shutdowns or outages this time around, failure is not an option. Our goal is to change the world and we'd like for you to join us! 

Our first 2018 press release is currently being written, with its release set to coincide with our official launch on May 11 & 12 and we're hoping to cause the same media commotion we caused back in 2006 to help get word out about our reboot and get as many members as we can in order to make flirting in traffic fun and lively again. Until then, enjoy another moment of nostalgia from 2006 on CNN, our first national news... 

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