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Are We Shameless or Harmless Flirts? Queendom Releases Results of Their Flirting Study

"Men and women love to flirt, plain and simple. It's fun, makes you feel good, and lets you know that you still 'got it'."

"Women are often touted as the better flirts. They're subtle and seductive, and can say so much with something as little as a wink or a smile. In terms of style, both genders had a greater tendency of being "Drive-by" flirts, applying their seductive techniques anytime, anyplace, and anywhere, but mostly just for the fun of it. "Future-oriented" flirting was the next most popular flirting style (flirting to find the "one"), followed by the "Pragmatic" flirt (flirting to get something tangible, like a good deal), the "Toxic" flirt (flirting for revenge) and, pulling up the rear, the "Carnal" flirt (flirting solely for sex)."

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