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Flirting with the Uber Man

"I'm a female driver mostly driving evenings/ latenights/ weekends. I have had several guys hit on me, and suggest that I turn off the app and come inside. One invited me to a BBQ at his house. I didn't accept any invitations. I've given my number to a few guys and they will text/ call a lot at first but then move on to someone else...The passengers, they are fleeting."

"Drunk flirting? All the time! I've had wives sit up front while the husbands were in the back (weird), and flirt the whole way home with me. Been invited to party, into numerous people's houses (did that once) but didn't pursue and left. Id say that if I was inclined I could have sealed the deal 6-7 times in separate incidents with drunk women (I never have). Btw, drunk flirty singles are very easy to spot (I've studied body language for quite some time), and it probably happens more than some of you think if you know what to look for."

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