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When Stop Means Go: Flirting at The Traffic Lights

Berlin. Sitting at a red traffic light or in a traffic jam is often reason enough to be bad tempered. But some amorous Germans have decided to smile while stuck in traffic -- and sometimes even flirt.

According to statistics, Germans are very fond of making overtures from car to car: in a recent study 71 per cent said they had flirted with another driver or car passenger. About a third regularly use a long stop in a traffic jam as an occasion to get to know a stranger.

"A flirt can be interpreted as a short, mutual erotic appreciation. Smiling means: we find each other attractive," says Ruediger Wacker, a psychologist and couples therapist. Hitting on someone is an aggressive type of flirting that has one goal and is egotistical. "It's just clumsy," says Wacker. It can also ruin the chance to have a proper flirt.

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