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The Art of Traffic Flirting

One of the rather unfortunate parts about life is the fact that you will at some point need to sit in traffic. Whether its to work in the mornings or on your way to a Celine Dion concert, you will at some point in your existence on this bright blue and green earth have to endure moving at a snail’s pace towards your destination surrounded by other cars and people. So… Why not make it a slightly more pleasurable experience by indulging in a light spot of traffic flirting.

The most basic rule of all is- DO NOT try and flirt with a girl if her mom is in the car with her- come to think about it, if she’s getting a lift somewhere with her mom she’s probably far too young for you anyways. Abiding by this rule will save you the ego-bruising antics of an angry mom purposefully switching to another lane to stop you from giving her daughter the “eyes”.

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