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Riding on to Romance: The Road Trip Date

Why hit the a coffee shop when you can hit the road? The road trip date may not have been your first idea, but here are some excellent reasons it should.

Here’s a paradigmatically ‘50s image: a cute couple gliding down the road in a shiny red sports car. Rolling green hills can be seen all around them as the wind gently whips their hair about. The idea of the road trip date is one as old as the automobile and romance in the countryside predates even that. Yet, in this era of modern speed dating and the rush to plow through potential partners’ profiles as quickly as possible, looking for that one magic match, we’re starting to lose touch with our dating past.

There’s no doubt that some old courtship traditions are best left in ancient history, but the road trip date is definitely not one of them. Here’s everything that you need to know to have a killer road trip date of your own.

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