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How Do You Flirt in Traffic?

I was listening to the radio on my way to work one mornin' and the DJs were discussing a website called Flirting in Traffic and I thought....uh uh...keep your brain and your eyes on the road and not on the cutie in the truck at the stop light....but what the heck...we weren't on a highway and in fact we were going ZERO miles an hour...so what could it hurt? Especially there in view is a ringless left hand....?

My intention is NOT to promote the website really, but if you're curious and ya wanna check it out, please do and report back here and tell us about it.

The real purpose of this thread is to ask my friends here, if you DO flirt in traffic, what do ya do...and does it EVER work? Give us some tips.

We've all had the glance over/glance back experience but that's as far as it usually goes, so what could you do to hold their attention (besides the obvious cool automobile), do ya have an attention getting bumper sticker? maybe winkin' headlights? a fake leg hangin' outta the trunk?

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