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Things To Do In A Traffic Jam

You cannot escape the inevitability of certain things in life: death, taxes and, if you live in a major city, being caught in a traffic jam. Traffic jams are something you just cannot avoid. When you think of traffic jams, what images come into your head? Images of hot days and dusty road congested with an endless queue of vehicles glinting against the warm sunlight.

So here’s what you can do.

You can either rant and rave and sulk the entire time bellowing unprintable words, or you can find some interesting things to do which will not only give you a couple of hours of entertainment, but the surrounding cars in the vicinity as well.  

Begin a conversation with the old lady sitting in the next vehicle. She may be as bored as you. Get household tips and ask for recipes. You can jot down whatever she may be saying and publish these under your name. This might even make you famous on the primetime cooking channel!

Alternatively look out for a bored girl in a nearby car and begin a conversation about makeup, entertainment and soap operas. Get the latest gossip on love affairs, domestic battles and heartbreaks in the television world. Learn about the latest fashion, hairdos, newest hunks and villains, wedding ceremonies and funeral rituals.

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