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12 Real Life Car Sex Stories, Because The Road Can Be A Sexy Place

Cars evoke autonomy and adventure: the purr of the motor responding to your touch, the way your heart rate quickens as your speed increases. It's no wonder that having sex in the car, according to a new study, remains a rite of passage across America. For many young pleasure seekers, exploring parts unknown in the backseat is just as important as learning to maneuver a vehicle on the open road.

Psychologists at the University of South Dakota recently surveyed 706 undergraduates about their auto-erotic tendencies. Of the 195 male and 511 female subjects, 60 percent reported having sex in a parked car starting around the age of 17. Men tended to view car sex more favorably than women did, but most found it “an enjoyable sexual and romantic adventure" — and not just a one-off hookup, either. Eighty-four percent of subjects reported having car sex with a serious romantic partner.

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