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Welcome Clark Park Area Residents!

If you found a Flirting in Traffic sticker on your car, that was us, welcome to Flirting in Traffic! 

Since we're new to the neighborhood we thought we'd welcome some select area residents to Flirting in Traffic by offering you a free sticker to go with your profile. Just enter your unique sticker ID into your profile, stick it to your car, and you are immediately searchable by your Flirting in Traffic sticker ID.

Just click on Search and you can search for yourself once you enter your sticker ID into your profile. Now if you flirt with someone in traffic and they see your sticker ID, they can contact you by searching for you by your sticker ID. 

PS.... we left about 40 FlirtDog dog toys and other merchandise around the entrances to Clark Park tonight and will leave more over the holiday weekend. Stop by and score some free merchandise!

Thanks for checking us out. 



4625 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States