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Highway Flirting - Do you have a similar experience?

It usually takes me an hour to get home, and usually when I'm driving i'm too self-absorbed listening to audio books. However, last night, I noticed that everytime I stopped at a light I have the same car beside me. I looked at the driver and it was a handsome guy. I just glanced at him, and kept driving.

At the next stop, I can't resist I took a look again, and this time he gave me a smile. Not wanting to be rude, I smiled back. Then it becomes repetitive, since traffic was heavy, our cars was almost neck-to-neck. He keeps smiling at me. Finally, at one stop, he mouthed hello, raised his phone and asked aloud for my phone number. I just laughed at him and shook my head. He still kept following but finally I lost him in the traffic. 

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