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Flirting in Traffic Road Signs... Summer 2018, stay tuned! 

Here's an old Flirting in Traffic audio clip from 2006... 

Here's an old Flirting in Traffic audio news clip from 2006... 

Here's an old Flirting in Traffic jingle that was never used... 

Flirting in Traffic will be introducing the brand new Flirting Geolocator to help assist you in finding local flirters! 

It's 2018 and the technology is at our fingertips so Flirting in Traffic will be adding Geolocation along with Waze for our May 11 Launch! More to come in the coming weeks but feel free to check it out in its infancy on the link below...

1388-1392 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Connect your online Flirting in Traffic identity to your real-life identity by using your Flirting in Traffic ID sticker to communicate with other motorists around you. If someone spots you on the highway or in the city and finds you interesting, they can search for you via your Flirting in Traffic sticker ID and get in touch with you on Flirting in Traffic! It's a way of bringing your online identity to real life and enables you to meet new and interesting people that you may have never met otherwise!! =)

We'll pay for shipping!! All you have to do is sign up, build a profile, add this item to your cart and checkout using a valid mailing address. 

Help us keep Flirting in Traffic ad-free by purchasing and sticking your new Flirting in Traffic ID sticker to your vehicle and flirt everywhere you go! 

Keep an eye out for our new Flirting road signs, coming soon to a highway near you! Flirting in Traffic will be flooding eastern PA's highways with these signs all year long and we're looking at billboard advertising as well. Our goal is to recruit as many flirts as we can to sport their Flirting ID stickers in eastern PA so we all start seeing Flirting stickers everywhere! We'll be adding stickers to our shopping cart in the coming days but until then, start sprucing up your profile so you're ready for the newcomers! :)

11 May 18
Philadelphia, PA, United States
We all do it, or did it. Flirt!

Everyone Flirts. Even those with the most minimal sex drive will do it at some point throughout their daily lives. Well, why not offer a chance to follow up on those "meaningless" flirts? This is the purpose of Flirting in Traffic on the internet... offering people a chance to follow up on what may or may not have been a meaningless flirt. Why not follow-up and find out what could have been? Here's your space to do just that, meet up with those fellow flirts and perhaps get to know each other! Fellow flirters, this site is what you've been waiting for!! :)  So what are you waiting for??? Join Now!!!

1373 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Here's a little nostalgia from 12 years ago...


1381-1399 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Welcome back to Flirting in Traffic, we've decided to remain permanent this time and expand to all walks of life so you don't need to drive to fit in on one of our social communities! :)   

Please check out: - meet people where you live! - meet people where you go! - make friends on campus! - make more than friends on campus!

You can also view to see if your campus is on Frampus! 

1306 Melon Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States
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