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Route 66: America’s Original Road Trip

Route 66 is considered by some as the birthplace of the great American road trip. WSJ’s Jeff Bush travels to the Mojave Desert to take a look at the infamous road's past and its uncertain future.

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This is Cool

This invention allows you to drive your car from the outside.

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27 Oct 18
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The Art of Traffic Flirting

One of the rather unfortunate parts about life is the fact that you will at some point need to sit in traffic. Whether its to work in the mornings or on your way to a Celine Dion concert, you will at some point in your existence on this bright blue and green earth have to endure moving at a snail’s pace towards your destination surrounded by other cars and people. So… Why not make it a slightly more pleasurable experience by indulging in a light spot of traffic flirting.

The most basic rule of all is- DO NOT try and flirt with a girl if her mom is in the car with her- come to think about it, if she’s getting a lift somewhere with her mom she’s probably far too young for you anyways. Abiding by this rule will save you the ego-bruising antics of an angry mom purposefully switching to another lane to stop you from giving her daughter the “eyes”.

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Flirting in Traffic - CBS 3 News - May 11, 2006

Great Driving Music

"Take Back The Power" by The Interrupters

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How to Date When You Live in a Van

I’m hitting the road for van life and hopefully to up my climbing game. How am I supposed to meet a girl while living a dirtbag life, particularly options other than Tinder?

Congrats on your adventure! I don’t think meeting girls will be your problem; you’ll be climbing and exploring and running into all sorts of like-minded folks. Your bigger challenge will be expressing your interest. A guy traveling in a van, though fun and sexy and exciting, doesn’t exactly scream “potential romantic partner.” 

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10 Best Places for In-Car Make-Out Sessions

Making out in the car is as American an automotive pastime as buying one of those tree-shaped air fresheners or paying too much for gas.

There is nothing better for the couple that doesn't want to get too wild, but isn't quite ready for full-on public nookie. In the car there are no roommates or parents to walk in on you, no neighbors lodging noise complaints, no younger siblings to scar for life. 

The only problem is that you have to find the perfect spot; the side of the highway isn't exactly the most romantic of locales. Lucky for you the Rides team does everything in our cars, and we mean everything (trust us, you don't want details). We've put all of the possible spots for getting hot and heavy in a Honda to the test. Here are the 10 Best Places for In-Car Make-Out Sessions.

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Riding on to Romance: The Road Trip Date

Why hit the a coffee shop when you can hit the road? The road trip date may not have been your first idea, but here are some excellent reasons it should.

Here’s a paradigmatically ‘50s image: a cute couple gliding down the road in a shiny red sports car. Rolling green hills can be seen all around them as the wind gently whips their hair about. The idea of the road trip date is one as old as the automobile and romance in the countryside predates even that. Yet, in this era of modern speed dating and the rush to plow through potential partners’ profiles as quickly as possible, looking for that one magic match, we’re starting to lose touch with our dating past.

There’s no doubt that some old courtship traditions are best left in ancient history, but the road trip date is definitely not one of them. Here’s everything that you need to know to have a killer road trip date of your own.

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Thanks to OCSN for Mentioning Flirting in Traffic

Much appreciation to for linking up Flirting in Traffic on their website in Ocean County, NJ!

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How Do You Flirt in Traffic?

I was listening to the radio on my way to work one mornin' and the DJs were discussing a website called Flirting in Traffic and I thought....uh uh...keep your brain and your eyes on the road and not on the cutie in the truck at the stop light....but what the heck...we weren't on a highway and in fact we were going ZERO miles an what could it hurt? Especially there in view is a ringless left hand....?

My intention is NOT to promote the website really, but if you're curious and ya wanna check it out, please do and report back here and tell us about it.

The real purpose of this thread is to ask my friends here, if you DO flirt in traffic, what do ya do...and does it EVER work? Give us some tips.

We've all had the glance over/glance back experience but that's as far as it usually goes, so what could you do to hold their attention (besides the obvious cool automobile), do ya have an attention getting bumper sticker? maybe winkin' headlights? a fake leg hangin' outta the trunk?

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Imagine the Logic Here

It's more important to poop on their lawn than to take their $147,504 a year. 

A New Jersey superintendent has resigned from his six-figure job after being outed as the mystery pooper who defecated on a “daily basis” at a local high school, the local school board announced.

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