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Flirting While Driving: Dating Game or Dangerous Distraction?

While most of us are familiar with distracted driving behaviors like texting, eating, and messing with the radio, a survey of 3,000 British drivers shed light on a lesser-known distraction known as flirting while driving (or FWD). (And while we sometimes like to focus on the differences between ourselves and our friends across the pond, it seems likely that flirting while driving isn’t a uniquely British problem.)

Forty-one percent of drivers surveyed admitted to flirting with fellow drivers when they should’ve been watching the road. Among those guilty of flirting while driving, 15 percent fessed up to close calls when their side-eyed style of driving nearly caused an accident.

The nature of this behavior tends to differ by sex and gender. Most women said they’d give an attractive driver a smile (instead of looking ahead), while men were more inclined to honk at (and probably startle) a driver that interested them.

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Flirting, Flings, Falling in love: A survey of American romance on the road

Is love in the air for American travelers? A recent survey from finds that at least flirting and flings are on the minds of many when they travel. And that, from flirting to dating to “hooking up” to joining the infamous Mile High Club, men are way more likely than women to look for love (or at least lovin’) on the road.

Over a quarter of Americans surveyed (28 percent) report they tend to flirt more when traveling. And 45 percent of us would date someone we met while traveling. In fact, 17 percent have done just that. Even more, a full 20 percent, have “hooked up” while traveling.

Additionally, 11 percent admit to pretending to be single when flirting on the road.

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Flirt Friend

1. A friend that you flirt with, even though you would never date him/her, a practice crush so you're prepared when you actually have one.

"When Simon was my flirt friend and I practiced on him so much that some of my friends thought we were actually dating."

2. A friend that you would gladly make out with if they asked you to, but don't want to ruin your friendship with.

"Eric is my favorite flirt friend."



Traffic Cone X Core

Those who steal traffic cones.

"Wow, that kid is so traffic cone x core he stole one of those water barrels with the light on top!"


Traffic Bitch

A traffic bitch is easy to spot as they maintain at least 25 to 100 yards distance away from the vehicle in front of them causing a wide gap in traffic letting anyone and everyone pull in front of them from nearby lanes.

As vehicles cut them off, they further slow down to again maintain a distance from the vehicle in front of them, which in turn further slows the lane of traffic, and sometimes stops traffic in their lane entirely. A traffic bitch is the cause of a great many rear-enders and pile-ups simply due to their existence.

A traffic bitch can either be male or female, is not necessarily talking on a cell phone, or smoking a cigarette, or checking their makeup in their rear view mirror, but usually seems to find their way in front of you especially if they see that you are driving aggressively. A traffic bitch does not necessarily only appear in heavy traffic, but are usually the cause of traffic if they pull out in front of smooth moving traffic and drive at least 10 miles slower than the speed limit.

A traffic bitch is by definition a bitch in traffic.

"On the way home a traffic bitch cut me off in the far left-hand lane and allowed all the cars and trucks - that I had just passed - in front of him (and me) causing me another 30 minutes of traffic time so I was late to dinner; no amount of cursing or screaming or tailgating made the traffic bitch move any faster."

Traffic Hot

When a girl is only hot from the cleavage line up.

"Damn, Trish is traffic hot!"

"What do you mean Ryan"

"Well Chuck she looks hot from the tips of her tits up. The rest of her body is a mystery. But she's traffic hot."

Traffic Hottie

Hot girl seen in adjacent vehicle in traffic. Common cause for fender benders. Identifiable by a very hot face.

"I saw a traffic hottie yesterday and almost got hit by an 18-wheeler while looking at her."

Traffic Flirting

The act of catching a girls or guys eye while sitting in busy traffic, often resulting in friendly smiles and maybe a wink.

Extreme success can result in winding down windows and chatting/exchanging details.

David: "Hey Skeeve, how was your trip home?"

"Long, but got some serious traffic flirting in with this babe in an Audi."


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4625 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States
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