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World Worst Drivers on Cars 2018

Tell the girl at 22 seconds that you're supposed to flirt IN traffic, not WITH traffic. 

I wonder if they lived?!

Watch Below (Warning: Not for the squeamish!)


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Highway Flirting - Do you have a similar experience?

It usually takes me an hour to get home, and usually when I'm driving i'm too self-absorbed listening to audio books. However, last night, I noticed that everytime I stopped at a light I have the same car beside me. I looked at the driver and it was a handsome guy. I just glanced at him, and kept driving.

At the next stop, I can't resist I took a look again, and this time he gave me a smile. Not wanting to be rude, I smiled back. Then it becomes repetitive, since traffic was heavy, our cars was almost neck-to-neck. He keeps smiling at me. Finally, at one stop, he mouthed hello, raised his phone and asked aloud for my phone number. I just laughed at him and shook my head. He still kept following but finally I lost him in the traffic. 

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Wish No Longer

You are not alone lol, we all Flirt in Traffic, admit it!! :)  

"There is nothing more ego boosting than while you are driving than catching a chicks eye and have her return look then playing car tag, I just wish there was a way to have them call you on cell phone to see if they want to sop for coffee or something to eat, even if it is just to break the monotony of the drive and maybe meet a new friend." 

"I wish I could have met the many ladies along the road over the years." 

Obviously now there is a way to meet on the road, and you've found it. So join us now by creating a profile on Flirting in Traffic and make your summer of 2018 most memorable! 

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Some Monday Entertainment

For Everyone who Flirts in Traffic, here's exactly how to do it lol just don't let this happen to you!!  

Coolest scene we've seen so far, we hope you enjoy this as much as we did... 




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Poor Distracted Bastard 




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Picking Up Girls With A Ferrari vs With A Puppy

Some shocking footage of an entertaining social experiment to make your afternoon drive a little less boring.

You may decide to stop off for a puppy on your way home after seeing this however. And if you do, you can then create them a profile on, where it's literally for the dogs! =)


For Road-Trippers: Non-awkward Ways to Meet People on the Road

Obviously the authors of this one didn't know about Flirting in Traffic, but if you are more outgoing, here are some other ways to meet people while you're out on the random road trip... 

Arguably the biggest anxiety for the first-time traveller is the thought of being lonely – visions of cold evenings curled around a flickering bedside lamp sobbing into a dog-eared copy of Eat, Pray, Love as a soundtrack of general debauchery from the downstairs party reverberates through the walls.

It’s a fear born of fallacy: travellers, after all, tend to be a social breed, but to guide you through the often intimidating ice-breaker stage we’ve devised a list of simple ways to cultivate companionship on the road.

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Best Place to Meet Women: Your Car?

I see a lot of attractive women when I’m driving my car. They’re either walking in the opposite direction or standing at the bus stop. Should I turn around my vehicle, stop, and go talk to them?

I wouldn’t advise driving by a bus stop, doing a U-turn in the middle of traffic, causing an accident, pulling up alongside the bus stop and talking to a woman.

It will freak them out.

See, the male mentality is to hunt down anything it can possibly find––hunt it down, slay it, and bring it home on the top of our roof.

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The Prince of Dubai

An entertaining gold digger prank to help you through your day. 

Enjoy! :)

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Thank you to everyone who met us at the Dad Vail Regatta! 

It was a pleasure meeting all of you! We hope you had a great time and hopefully you won a trophy! :) 

Don't forget to put your sticker on your car, it's going to be a fun summer on Flirting in Traffic!! 


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The 6 REAL Reasons People Flirt

Who knew?

Some people are born flirts — they just can't help themselves. If they're waiting to get coffee, they'll flirt with the person standing behind them, the barista, and even the delivery guy.

It's just the flirter's natural way of dealing with the world. If they like people and want nothing in return, then they might be more of a charmer than a flirter.

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The Simple Solution to Traffic

What came first, science or physics? Here's a video on the physics of traffic, we think. If Self Driving Cars end traffic jams, would that end traffic, and hence end Flirting in Traffic??!!

We think there will always be traffic jams regardless, and with self-driving cars, we'll all have more ability to Flirt! 

Another fascinating video if you're bored stuck in traffic somewhere. This will tell you why you're there at least... 



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The Science of Traffic

Here's a video that scientifically links traffic to ants and how they manage traffic and why humans just can't. If you're human however you may Flirt in traffic while ants just want to feed the colony and honor their queen. 

This is actually quite fascinating...

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Would This Be Considered Flirting?

Enjoy =)

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Mini-Series of Instant Classics

Bored in Rush Hour Traffic?? We're here to help! 

Here's 2 minutes and 15 seconds of fun for you, but put your seat belt on just in case. :)

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Funny Flirt at the Traffic Lights

Another video if you're bored in traffic somewhere! :) 

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A Guy Explains: Why We're Always Awkward When We Hit On You (We're Terrified)

First your heart rate launches into the stratosphere, as if someone pulled the cord on a lawnmower. Pretty soon your pulse pounding away in your head is all you can hear. Next come the usual suspects: shortness of breath, dry mouth, tunnel vision, stomach wrapping itself into a knot. For us guys, few things in life are more terrifying than cold-approaching a woman we'd like to talk to. Some men are good at it, but they're in the extreme minority. For the rest of us, the sight of a beautiful stranger is generally the first stage of total existential despair. No matter how you slice it, trying to hit on a woman is a nerve-racking experience.

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Men Die Before Women Because They’re Flirting SO Hard

A new study published in the journal Functional Ecology looked at the fruit fly and the toll its mating habits took on its lifespan. On average, the flies have a life expectancy of 35 days. When placed in a “sexually stimulating’’ environment (one lady fly was in the vicinity), male flies died seven days sooner than the females. Seven days may not seem like much to you or me, but it’s a significant chunk of time when you only live for a month.

The average lifespan of the American man is 76, while American women live to be 81. Researchers believe the fly test may reflects the effects that natural selection processes have on human life expectancies.

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Our Latest Press Release for May 1 is Live via EINPressWire

"You're in your car stopped at a red light. You glance over and see a really attractive blonde. You want to roll down your window and get their phone number, but the light turns green and they're gone."

Flirting in Traffic has already exceeded 125,000 page hits in April 2018 with over 3,500 unique visitors and is paving the way for the entire Flyrt network to grow and become one of the top social communities on the internet. 

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Flirting While Driving Is Overlooked Danger

Drivers are constantly warned about the dangers of texting while driving, but a new study indicates that another danger has been overlooked: flirting while driving.

"Men were by far the worst culprits," said Natalie Grimshare, a spokesperson for the women's car insurance company Diamond, which conducted the nationwide survey of 3,000 drivers. The survey was released this week. Half of all men surveyed admitted to flirting with other motorists on the road, compared to just one-third of the women.

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Are We Shameless or Harmless Flirts? Queendom Releases Results of Their Flirting Study

"Men and women love to flirt, plain and simple. It's fun, makes you feel good, and lets you know that you still 'got it'."

"Women are often touted as the better flirts. They're subtle and seductive, and can say so much with something as little as a wink or a smile. In terms of style, both genders had a greater tendency of being "Drive-by" flirts, applying their seductive techniques anytime, anyplace, and anywhere, but mostly just for the fun of it. "Future-oriented" flirting was the next most popular flirting style (flirting to find the "one"), followed by the "Pragmatic" flirt (flirting to get something tangible, like a good deal), the "Toxic" flirt (flirting for revenge) and, pulling up the rear, the "Carnal" flirt (flirting solely for sex)."

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Flirting with the Uber Man

"I'm a female driver mostly driving evenings/ latenights/ weekends. I have had several guys hit on me, and suggest that I turn off the app and come inside. One invited me to a BBQ at his house. I didn't accept any invitations. I've given my number to a few guys and they will text/ call a lot at first but then move on to someone else...The passengers, they are fleeting."

"Drunk flirting? All the time! I've had wives sit up front while the husbands were in the back (weird), and flirt the whole way home with me. Been invited to party, into numerous people's houses (did that once) but didn't pursue and left. Id say that if I was inclined I could have sealed the deal 6-7 times in separate incidents with drunk women (I never have). Btw, drunk flirty singles are very easy to spot (I've studied body language for quite some time), and it probably happens more than some of you think if you know what to look for."

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